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BTMEDI improves access to healthcare for people everywhere. It is an easy to use platform and service that helps patients to get medical second opinions and to schedule affordable, high quality medical treatment in South Korea. With more than 1,000 trusted hospitals and clinics, thousands of expert doctors, and an experienced patient Care Team, the BTMEDI network supports the journey towards health.
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Очень приветливый персонал и переводчик, во всем помогали. После операции дали все консультации по уходу за пересажанными волосами, очень порадовал трансфер и отель. Врач до сих пор на связи хотя операция была 3го января, с любимы вопросами помогает и все разъясняет.


Great and thorough communication, after weeks of research I ended up using one of the surgeons they recommended. They really know their stuff!
My mother got the best care, the surgery went perfect despite all the risks associated.
Thank you inbone hospital team for your wonderful help!

Jeniffer Burns

Everything went very well, they are of very high standard as well as the attention & services
In otherworld you have given me excellent recommendations & quite happy with their services
Thank you!

Jonathan Tuan

Good relative service,nice personnel and fine desidions to care about all registration documents and travel tickets confirmation.
From clinic’s side everything was perfectly arranged.
Overall had an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it.

World-class clinics of Korea
Every clinic on the website is carefully selected for the best quality and comfort of our patients.
Gangnam Severance Hospital
Gangnam Severance Hospital

Gangnam Severance Hospital opened in April 1983, by an expansion project of Yonsei University Medical Center, which tried the first Korean modern medicine and led the medical development in Korea. It became a basement of health care delivery system.Gangnam Severance Hospital carried holistic treatments andadvanced Yonsei medical services in medical backwoods of Seoul.

INJE University Ilsan Paik Hospital
INJE University Ilsan Paik Hospital

Inje University Paik Hospital has opened its family hospitals in Busan, Sangye, Ilsan and Haeundae, since opening to the doors to Seoul Paik Hospital in 1932 and is positioned as a leading proprietary hospital in Korea.
Inje University Paik Hospital is first class in all fields such as medical treatment, education, study etc as a world class medical institution leading the medical community of Korea for the 21st century.

The Catholic Univ. Of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital
The Catholic Univ. Of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital

Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital, which was the first general hospital established in Gangnam area in 1980, has been delivering holistic treatment for the past 30 years. In March 2009, the hospital was newly born as Seoul Saint Mary’s Hospital with a state-of-the-art infrastructure to realize a new medical culture.

Mediplex Sejong Hospital
Mediplex Sejong Hospital

Sejong Hospital is Korea’s representative cardiovascular and vascular hospital since its establishment in 1982 as a specialized hospital with perfect conditions for cardiovascular and vascular care. As a result, it was nominated as a special medical institution for heart disease by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1989, and was nominated as the only cardiovascular and vascular hospital in Korea three times in 2005, 2008 and 2011.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic
Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Banobagi is a plastic surgery hospital in the heart of Gangnam that brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘detailist’. Their philosophy is paying attention to every little detail for each one of their patients with the utmost care. The hospital has a reputation for outstanding surgery techniques, but never recommends unnecessary procedures for financial benefits, and stands firm by its principles of honesty and integrity in medical practices. Banobagi offers full English support for its patients, alongside other languages, as they have a very high volume of overseas patients.
Banobagi offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures with state-of-the-art equipment for safety that includes a cardioverter, emergency kit, central line kit and an emergency cricothyroidotomy kit. But safety isn’t the only important thing at a plastic surgery hospital: Banobagi’s surgeons are highly experienced in each type of offered procedure, and use secret know-how Banobagi methods that are the most beneficial for each surgery type.

JK Plastic Surgery Center
JK Plastic Surgery Center

JK Plastic Surgery one won in 1998 are committed to providing a “beautiful and healthy life” of people around the world on the basis of differentiated health care services 20 years of medical expertise and state-of-the-art facility has defended the accident 0 suggests safety and medical equipment, customer-oriented management certification the committed.

In particular, I strongly JK Plastic Surgery at the international level VVIP personnel are looking for the cosmetic, anti-aging, wellness, advanced stem cell medicine, and it operates a variety of medical fields including Medical Spa & Esthetic, 20 female patients multinational coordinator and each sector extensive clinical the plastic surgery specialist in case you get a high level of satisfaction achieved by systematic consultation and private practice as a team.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Gangnam Severance Hospital opened in April 1983, by an expansion project of Yonsei University Medical Center, which tried the first Korean modern medicine and led the medical development in Korea. It became a basement of health care delivery system.Gangnam Severance Hospital carried holistic treatments andadvanced Yonsei medical services in medical backwoods of Seoul.

Dongguk University Ilsan hospital
Dongguk University Ilsan hospital

Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center is a large, university-affiliated hospital in Ilsan, Goyang-si with 1,000 beds and 28,000 square meters of floor space. With the world’s first state-of-the-art digital medical information system that integrates Western and Oriental medicine, Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center prioritizes customer satisfaction in a fast-paced medical environment.

The members of the medical staff at the hospital are from the nation’s most prestigious university hospitals with outstanding work having been achieved in the field of clinical and academic research. Also, the hospital boasts 12 specialized centers and 50 clinics dedicated to the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, digestive disease, joint disease, spine, neonatal intensive care, health promotion, stroke and cochlear implants – all of them contributing to the interdisciplinary treatment functioning organically.

CHA Fertility Center, Seoul Station
CHA Fertility Center, Seoul Station

CHA Fertility Center, a global leader in fertility treatment.
About 20,000 infertile couples have successfully conceived with assistance from CHA Fertility Center to date.
50 years of experience has been gained through the operations in IVF clinics in Korea and Los Angeles.
CHA Fertility Center emanates an elegant yet inviting atmosphere with an interior design that is reminiscent of feminine curves.
The consultation rooms are situated deep inside the center in a cozy atmosphere, and the waiting room is isolated from the external environment to ensure privacy.
Patients rest in individual recovery rooms after the embryo transfer procedure.
We provide tailored services in the VIP room exclusively for foreign patients.
Global coordinators are residing in the clinic at all times to provide one-on-one concierge services in various languages.

ID Hospital
ID Hospital

The medical staff at ID Hospital have vast and diverse experience as surgeons who have professionally performed plastic surgeries in Korea’s top university hospitals.
ID Hospital’s medical teams from 5 departments sets surgery plans rigorously behind the scenes for patients’ safety and satisfying result.
The building has a high-tech system integrating the hospital’s philosophy of patient’s safety from the beginning of construction process.
Aftercare is as important as surgery. ID Hospital collaborates with Face diet, a professional premium aesthetic brand, to make your recovery fast.
ID Hospital serves all customers as VIP and does its best to provide service for the convenience of all patients. To seek Beauty Solutions for those in need and together find happiness along the way.
To become Asia’s Top Leading ‘Total Beauty Solution’ Hospital to resolve beauty-related matters, to simply become a ‘Beauty Wonderland’ for anyone to enjoy a friendly environment.

Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital
Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital

Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital – leading dental hospital in Korea with a foreign patient support center. Clinic is located in Seoul, Sinchon and situated in a Grand Mart department store. Sinchon Dain Dental Hospital hosts more than 20 thousand domestic and foreign patients every year. Clinic uses an integrated approach by using professionals of various dentistry departments at diagnostics and treatment. Treatment in the clinic is a harmonious interaction between specialist of implantology, restorative dentistry, anesthesiology, orthodontics, prosthetic department’s specialists. Unlike other dental hospitals, for those with treatment anxieties, clinic provide the sedative option to reduce any discomfort and receive relaxed care. Sinchon Dain guarantees safety by having their professional anesthetists monitor during the entire procedure. Clinic possesses its dental laboratory for designing various kinds of prosthetics, from temporary crowns, metal ceramic to highly aesthetic zirconia crowns and veneers. Sinchon Dain not only surprise you with a high quality of work, but also promise to provide permanent care after the treatment, providing foreign patients with the hotel like VIP treatment rooms to relax in a cozy and warm environment.

Nanoori Hospital
Nanoori Hospital

The Spinal Center
The Spinal Center is led by medical teams with a vast experience conducting surgical procedures, and is equipped with the best facilities and medical equipment. It is on a world-class level as a specialized spinal center, with over 9,000 cases of spine and joint surgery annually.

Nanoori Hospital, along with its Spinal Center, focuses not only on treatment for patients, but also on education for medical teams. It has fostered core medical teams through overseas training programs for doctors and has passed on medical techniques to foreign medical teams through spine-related training and joint surgery.

Kim’s Eye Hospital
Kim’s Eye Hospital

Kim’s Eye Hospital was found in 1962 and has opened an eye disease centre. Kim’s Eye Hospital is operating One-stop procedures for examination, treatment and surgery on the day of visit.
There are about 50 ophthalmologists, including 40 ophthalmologists and 13 ophthalmology residents, along with internal medicine, anesthesiology, imaging and diagnostic examination departments for ophthalmic surgery. In addition, Myunggok Eye research centre, which is an affiliated research centre to vitalize basic research on ophthalmology and also operates con tact lens rooms and low vision centres for patient’s convenience.

Best specialists of Korea
Cho Jae Won
Samsung Medical Center
Park Geun Chil
Samsung Medical Center
Sim Young Mok
Samsung Medical Center
Kim Hee Chul
Samsung Medical Center
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