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What is SNUBH?

  • SNUBH or Seoul National University Bundang Hospital is one of the leading national hospitals that represents Korea, opening a healthy and
  • happy future. Through the world’s best education, research and treatment, SNUBH is spreading the medicine of Korea throughout the world.
  • 1. Advanced Medical Technology
  • Leading the standard of global medicine high level of care trusted by the world.
  • 2. Medical Information
  • The world’s best smart hospital and the mecca of medical IT.
  • 3. Education
  • Systematic education training world leaders in medicine.
  • 4. Research
  • Pioneering hospital in the research of future medicine. Mecca of research in collaborative healthcare.

Regarding free airport pickup service:

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Korea Medis wishes you all the best for your continued contributions and informs you about the changed hospital policy from this month. We want to provide a free domestic airport pickup service which was only provided to foreign agencies before. There is no additional cost for either the agency or the patient. For outpatients, a one-way airport to hospital / hotel pickup service is provided once for no additional fee. If you would like to book a hotel near the hospital we will be happy to help you with your reservation. 

Please refer to the following e-mail regarding the said service or contact us through live chat.

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