2018 Made In Korea Conference & Networking Party

Made In Korea 2018 Conference & Networking Party is the business event made specifically for the Korean companies who are interested in presenting their products outside of Korea.
AVING News decided to open it once again this year to give more opportunities of business network to the exhibiting companies.

This time MIK 2018 was held inside of ‘The K Hotel’ ballroom.

The companies had the chance to promote their companies and products in the presence of more than ten global media and web bloggers in China, along with 1,000 VIPs in public institutions, investment, distribution, partners, and internet.
The foreign media and web bloggers are going to meet the 100 Made In Korea 2018 Brands and each media will select their top 3 products.

Korea Medis, Medical Tourism Platform

We attended the conference too in order to promote the medical tourism platform that was designed exclusively for foreign patients called KOREA MEDIS. Using the platform patients can
receive consultation with the best Hospitals and Specialists of South Korea, as well as access past data regarding the same or similar medical condition that patient currently has (treatment method, estimated period of stay, cost) that was left by previous patients.
After confirming response sent by hospitals, suitable hospital information will be provided to the patient, as well as communication with hospital personnel through e-mail or chat and hospital reservation.

Over 100 companies in beauty & bio, food, travel, fashion, housing, life, camping, tech, beauty & bio, food have been specially selected to exhibit in the event proudly as Made In Korea 2018 Brands, having the chance to thoroughly introduce their companies and products, along with business networking.

Our chief getting interviewed by Made in Korea TV 😉

Biz-matching with Global Media and Buyers
Media and buyers from U.S.A, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan, together with local Korea reporters took part in the 1:1 press pitching sessions to have a better idea of what’s new in the market, and be in touch of the latest developments.

Crowdfunding Consultation
Consultation with Crowdfunding Platform of Korea and Campfire, the leading crowdfunding firm in Japan was held at the same time.

Lately, near the end of conference every company got a special commendation. Including our representative director too 😉

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