MEDREX Hospital Meeting, Presentation & Tour

Last weekend we had a pleasure of attending a conference hosted by MEDREX hospital. It started with presentation about hospital, what it specializes in, special joint treatment techniques. Staff of hospital even created a lottery for all participants allowing everyone to win a prize.

After that we’ve been taken on a tour inside of hospital. Overall hospital gave a great impression. It was very clean, staff was really nice and all medical equipment looked neat and new. We would definitely recommend it as the hospital that specializes in joint treatment.

MEDREX Hospital gives hope with the help of advanced medical technology.

“Despite the fact that everything is changing, your health alone should remain unchanged”. In an era where everything is changing rapidly, the view of an instantly changing society in recent times has been troubling. They say that in this world there are no perfect methods of treatment. It is said that there are only different methods of treatment. But Medrex Hospital is conducting research in order to find the perfect treatment methods. Medrex hospital focuses on advanced treatment with advanced medical technology.

Why MEDREX Hospital?

  • Smart hospital with the latest technology
    The Medrex Hospital System incorporates advanced IT technologies.
  • Safe hospital
    Medrex Hospital puts patient’s safety first.
    The basis of medicine is safety. Medrex Hospital Complies with the Foundation of Medicine.
  • Comfortability
    Comfortable hospital, as the patient’s own home, where everything is within arm’s reach. For patients of the Department of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery everything you need is located at arm’s length.
  • Specialized Joint Treatment System
    8:00 am is the time when the entire medical staff of the Medrex Hospital exchanges views and experiences. The conference at the Medrex Hospital is a scientific process. We find the best treatment method with the help of cooperation between our departments.
  • Clean and sterile operating room
    The success of Medrex’s advanced medical system is a clean and sterile operating room.

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