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BTMEDI Co. Ltd. is a global healthcare expert company based in Korea, and a leader in foreign patient inviting business. With world-class medical service in Korea, BTMEDI has been expanding the boundaries of medical business through inviting foreign patients by providing them with a variety of services.
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You submit a request and specify an issue

BTMEDI’s medical coordinator studies your request and contacts you while choosing the best hospital and specialist for your particular case.

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You approve the treatment program, and BTMEDI’s coordinator assists in arranging your medical trip.

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Our coordinator will stay in touch 24/7 during your treatment, as well as following your treatment process and staying in touch even after your return home.

Our History
2020 YEAR
10 Featured Home Page (www.btmedi.com) Renewal
06 Korea Medis (www.koreamedis.com) online platform management (web, app)
03 Entered the pandemic prevention supplies market due to the pandemic (diagnostic kit).
2019 YEAR
12 Award for contributing to the development of Social and economic organization by Goyang City
11 Attend China International Medical Tourism Fair (21st Nov ~ 24)
10 Attend WMTC conference at Abu Dhabi(14th Oct ~ 18)
08 Established/Open the Ho Chi Minh base center at Vietnam
06 Organized Mongolian medical fair and counselling meeting for Dongguk university medical center , Ilsan.
04 Participated Almaty ,Kazakhstan and Dubai exhibition.
03 Participated International tourism exhibition , organized by Korean tourism organization.
03 Participated in Korea travel Content festival in Beijing , organized by tourism venture.
2018 YEAR
11 Hosted overseas promotion association for Dongguk University and Apple tree dental in Kazakhstan
06 Organized doctor training program for severance-Kazakhstan International medical public fund(06.18~)
05 Selected as the tourist venture company by Korea Tourism Organization (IT-based )
04 Participated in KITF 2018 Exhibition in Almaty, Kazakhstan
2017 Year
11 Selected as “Start-up Package Support Business” by KISED (Korea Institute of Start-up and Entrepreneurship Development)
09 Supervised Medical Seminar event in Almaty/Astana, Kazakhstan, hosted by Goyang city
06 Received commendation from Goyang’s city, regarding Social Contribution
06 Participated in Medical Tourism Exhibition in Ulan-Ude, Russia, supervised by the Korea Tourism Organization
04 Participated in Medical Seminar event in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, supervised by Goyang city
04 Participated in KITF 2017 in Almaty, Kazakhstan
03 Selected as “Local Guidance Medical Technology Business Promotion” by Ministry of Health and Welfare - Gyeonggi-do Goyang city (General), Jeju Island (Marketing)
03 Participated in Baikal Tour Exhibition in Irkutsk, Russia
03 Participated in MITT 2017 in Moscow, Russia
03 Received certification as Knowledge-Based Service Enterprise Research Institute
2016 YEAR
11 Designated as the exclusive Travel Agency in charge of Chinese Tourist’s attraction
09 Supervised Medical Seminar of Jeju’s hospitals and held the booth in “Korea-Mongolia Hospital. Medical equipment. Tour & K-Beauty EXPO 2016” hosted by Jeju Tourism Organization
09 Ministry of Employment and Labor certified as social company
06 Held the Booth in “Korea-Mongolia Hospital. Beauty & Healthcare EXPO 2016” hosted by Korea Tourism Organization
06 Supervised Medical counseling event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by G-Sam Hospital
05 Participated in PITE 2016 in Vladivostok, Russia
04 Participated in KITF 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan
03 Participated in the International Tourism Fair in Sakhalin, Russia, supervised by the Korea Tourism Organization
03 Participated in MITT 2016 in Moscow, Russia, supervised by the Korea Tourism Organization
02 Participated in the “15th Aging Healthcare Industry Forum & Expo” in Nanjing, China
2015 YEAR
12 Selected as “Excellent Female Employment Enterprise” of Gyeonggi province
10 Supervised Medical Seminar to five Russian Hospitals in Russia (Vladivostok and Khabarovsk) hosted by Daegu Suseong-gu health center
10 Supervised Medical Volunteering Event in Ussuriysk hosted by Daegu Oriental Medical Doctor Associate
10 Held the booth in Beijing Medical Seminar hosted by Gyeonggi province
10 Supervised Medical Counseling Event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia hosted by 21Century Hospital (Ilsan, Korea)
of Sejong Hospital in Mongolia
03 Participated in the International Tourism Fair in Irkutsk, Russia,
supervised by the Korea Tourism
02 Hosted (planned/supervised) the medical seminar & medical consultation
of Daegu hospitals in Vladivostok, Russia
2014 YEAR
12 Participated Korean medical tour fair in Shanghai
12 Participated free surgery services with Myunggi Hospital, medical treatment sharing services for Mongolian patients(Achilles tendon surgery etc)
10 Certified as Social Company(pre) by GyunggiDo
09 Held the booth in Astana Leisure, 2014 in KazakhstanKhabarovsk)
03 Participated in the MITT2014 in Moscow, Russia, supervised by the Korea Tourism Organization
03 Began selling GOUM, BTMEDI’s cosmetic brand, in Russia and CIS countries.
01 Planned/supervised free operations for foot joint illnesses through Goyang city’s Ilsan Baek Hospital medicine sharing program in Mongolia
2013 YEAR
12 Participated in International Beauty Conference in Moscow
11 Launched BTMEDI’s cosmetic brand GOUM in Russia and CIS countries
09 Hosted (planned/supervised) the Sakhalin New Market Development Medical Seminar
08 Proxy operation for Vladivostok’s Gyeonggi Medical Business Center (GMBC)
05 Participated in Vladivostok PITE2013 (Gyeonggi-do Booth)
05 Established/opened BTMEDI’s Vladivostok branch
04 Directed and managed Goyang city’s booth for MEDICAL KOREA 2013
01 Goyang City,Sharing Medical treatment program for Uzbekistan children with heart disease(Panned/supervised)
2012 YEAR
10 Operated the Goyang city’s Medicine and Tourism booth at KIMTC 2012
09 Participated in the Beijing Medical Tourism Seminar in China, hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization
09 MOU signing between the regional government of Irkutsk, Russia and Goyang city, Korea, as well as hosted a medical seminar
07 Hosted (planned/supervised) the medical seminar in Irkutsk, Russia
06 Mediated the MOU signing between the Korean society of Hawaii and Goyang city (planned/supervised)
06 Established BTMEDI Co. Ltd., as an independent corporation
04 Operated the Goyang city’s booth at Medical Korea 2012
04 Hosted Jeil Hospital’s medical seminar in Almaty, Kazakhstan
01 Overseas marketing trips to Uzbekistan
2011 YEAR
10 Hosted (planned/supervised) the Kazakhstan medical seminar at Gyeonggi International Medicine Association
08 Hosted (planned/supervised) the Vladivostok medical seminar at Gyeonggi International Medicine Association
03 Participated in the Yakutsk Exposition’s booth
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KHIDI Commendation
for development of patient facilitation business 



Excellent Female
Employment Social Enterprise
Commendation (Gyeonggi province)



Social Contribution
Commendation (Goyang City)